Our Warehouse:

Want to get paid to work out?! Come join our motivated warehouse team where we’re working out our body and mind every day!

We fuel our community and businesses with our locally crafted bakery offerings, exceptional organic coffee and beverage ingredients. 

Be a part of a transparent and inspiring culture where your accountability and discipline leads to results (inside and out!) that you can be proud of!

Our Baristas:

Come join our team of motivated baristas where connecting with our community is a top priority.

We fuel peoples lives with exceptional organic coffee and fresh locally crafted bakery offerings.

Be a part of a transparent and inspiring culture where your accountability and discipline leads to results you can be proud of!

As a team we create not just coffee, but we open your mind to explore wellness and vitality.

Our Bakery:

Step into our bakery where your passion for baking meets our commitment to delight the taste buds of our community.

We’re seeking a baker to craft wholesome and delicious treats with our dedicated team.

Be a part of a team where transparency, accountability and discipline lead to results you can be proud of.


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The vision of Red Leaf Coffee began in a tiny drive thru in Woodland Washington in December 2007. Red Leaf was born out of our founders desire to connect with others and serve them in a meaningful way through that small drive thru window all the while on a quest for the perfect shot, the creamiest milk, and the best tasting drinks around! After many months of online research, reading books, attending conferences, and hours of hard work, she gained the confidence to build drinks she could guarantee to put a smile on her customers' face day after day.

In May 2008 the small shack was torn down and a larger building was put in its place named “Red Leaf Organic Coffee” The Red Leaf stood for her Canadian heritage and Organic Coffee was made part of the name because it was so important for her customers to know she was only after the best quality beans and drinks. (Did you know regular coffee is the 3rd most sprayed crop in the world?!).

In 2011 Red Leaf Kelso opened its doors with a steady increase from 2-3 baristas working at a time to now 4-7 at a time!! Opening and maintaining the same passion for quality and service that allowed us to expand in the first place. We understand that success begins when the customer walks into our stores or pulls into the drive thru lane. We are immediately on stage.

Our customers have an expectation and we aim to surpass it. Red Leaf has worked hard to build a trustworthy image through our marketing efforts and customer outreach. Our Kelso Café was voted number one independent coffee house by the Daily News just three months after opening and we have won the Best Coffee, GF Cookies, and Best Place to Work multiple years since.

Our reputation is a valuable asset we intend to keep and that's why we attract and keep team members that are consistently engaged and excited to serve our customers every day!

Please note - Red Leaf Coffee does not hire seasonal employment, due to the time invested in each team member through our extensive training program, we ask that applicants commit to at least 1 year of employment with us. Before applying, please make sure you are available for more than a season of employment.

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