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organic coffee beans

If you want a special order of your favorite blend we will roast it Tuesday (and grind it if you like) and it will be ready to pick up Wednesday afternoon. We also have gift cards and an assortment of Red Leaf merchandise available.

Our coffee is organic (not sprayed with 7 – 11 different chemicals)

Our coffee is smooth, bold, and rich

Our staff is super friendly – even at 5:30 am!

Our syrup flavors enhance the taste of our lattes – not overpower them

We serve delicious and healthy whole fruit smoothies with no added sugar

We sell gluten-free foods and other snacks

We sell whole bean and pre-ground organic coffee


In 2008, Red Leaf owners, Ray and Melissa Vandervalk, began a journey that would result in the area’s most popular locally-owned coffee house. It started as a simple espresso stand in Woodland. In order to boost business, they decided to remodel, turning the espresso stand into a double sided drive-through. With time and an innovative brand makeover, Red Leaf Organic Coffee began to grow.

The name Red Leaf Organic Coffee and the uniquely themed menu pays tribute to Melissa’s Canadian heritage. Drinks like the Rocky Mountain Mocha, the Maple Vanilla Latte, and the Gold Rush became popular favorites. A new fresh fruit smoothie line was introduced soon after.

Business was booming and in 2011, Red Leaf opened a second location on Main Street in Kelso. The sit-down café has a drive through and still offers their uniquely Canadian and Northwest themed drinks. Red Leaf’s menu has grown too. Gluten free treats and milk alternatives have been added to the menu to accommodate customer needs.

In addition to simply tasting good, Melissa’s goal was to make as much of the menu healthy and organic as possible. “I want to serve customers only what I’d serve my kids,” Melissa said. Red Leaf is proud to offer a variety of healthy options that can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

The Kelso location includes a playroom for kids to enjoy while their parents relax with a drink. In exploring various coffee houses in the Northwest, Ray and Melissa noticed that while the adults had coffee and company to keep them entertained, kids had no place to play. Red Leaf now has its own playroom.

In their first year of operation, Red Leaf won the Reader’s Choice Award from the Daily News for the best coffee in the Kelso-Longview area. Red Leaf opened it’s third and fourth location in the Longview area. Red Leaf continues to grow, offering a truly unique and memorable coffee experience.



Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best drink and service in the industry.

R.E.D. Employees of the Month

Recognition of Excellence and Dedication

Woodland’s “R.E.D. Employee of the Month” for November is: Katie
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
How long have you been with Red Leaf?: around two and a half months
Current favorite drink: hot caramel macchiato
Current favorite food item: energy bars

Best thing about being a barista: Being able to meet so many new people and lighten up peoples days!
Name a customer you love to see and why: I love to see William because he is always so sweet and happy every time I see him!
Hopes and dreams: To someday be able to travel the world!

Longview’s “R.E.D. Employee of the Month” for November is: Maddie
Hometown: Longview, WA
How long as a Red Leaf barista: 4 months  
Current favorite drink: iced white mocha with coconut cold foam
Current favorite food item: spinach parmesan keto biscuit
Best thing about being a barista: getting to help people start their day off with a smile
Name a customer you love to see and why: Bruce! He is so nice and funny, and you can tell he loves to come see us.
Hopes and dreams: to be happy and make others happy.

Kelso’s “R.E.D. Employee of the Month” for November is: Bethany

15th’s “R.E.D. Employee of the Month” for November is: Katie
Hometown: Longview, WA
How long as a Red Leaf barista: 8 months
Current favorite drink: hot coconut mocha
Current favorite food item: apple pie scone
Best thing about being a barista: getting to meet new people! 
Name a customer you love to see & why: Steven – he comes through every morning to get himself a coffee and his wife. I just think it is so sweet!
Hopes & Dreams: to be a great example for my girls and make them confident women as they grow up.

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